About Kathleen

Kathy and her husband of 30+ years moved to the Grand Rapids Area in 2008 after living in the Chicago land area all of their lives. They raised two children who are now adults and out of the home. They love the Grand Rapids area and plan to spend many happy years here.

Before coming to Michigan, Kathy was a counselor for many years in a community agency in a Chicago Suburb and worked with clients of all ages, races and religion. She is now working in the Grand Rapids area with Centennial Park Counseling .


Her specialties encompass working with women's issues relating to depression, abuse, multiple personalities, self-esteem, grief, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and family issues. Trained in couple and family counseling, she has worked with many couples and families with reference to restoring relationships, parenting issues, blended families, separation and divorce.

As a certified teacher, Kathy has counseled with many children and teenagers concerning grades, social phobia, interpersonal relationships, behavior problems, eating disorders, etc. Young children require a different approach to counseling. As a result, Play Therapy is used in sessions. Play Therapy sessions "look" different than adult counseling. We must remember that "play" is "work" to children and gives them an appropriate means by which to work out their issues. Counseling children and teens most always includes working with the family system to better integrate changes in behavior and thinking. As a result, parental involvement is a necessary part of counseling with children. Kathy works to create a compassionate, supportive environment with God as the center.